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Good Pulao. I personally felt the amount of curry leaves and amchur was way too much. I also avoided the cardamoms and ketchup due to personal preference. But otherwise the pulao is a nice change and different also from the usual tomato rice made at home. I made the following changes, omitted elaichi and ketchup (purely because nobody at home like either), added a couple of sprigs of coriander leaves and curry leaves instead of the amount mentioned. I used 1/2 tsp of amchur, as otherwise the dish would have been too khatta (considering the addition of tomato paste and also an additional tomato). I also found that 5 cups of water is necessary to cook this amount of rice (I cooked it in the skillet, first I added 4-1/2 cups, and then rice was only 3/4s done, so I added another 1/2 cup and the rice came out perfectly done). I served with a dry potato subzi and cucumber raita and it went down very well with everybody at home and also my BF. Will be making again. Thanks for the recipe.

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Sangeetha November 03, 2005
Volcanic Tomato Pulao