Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 1 min

This is a nice refreshing drink made by the pitcher for long hot daze or for a crowd. Tastes like lemonade, so watch yourself ;) One great thing about this drink.... it's half water so you keep yourself hydrated... and very versitle with the citrus. I've made this with regular vodka and substituted the citrus, lemons, oranges, limes, very versable ...add simple syrup, if you like it sweeter. it's delicious both ways. Enjoy --V

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  1. Place ice cubes in an empty pitcher.
  2. squeeze juice of the orange, lime and tangerine over the ice, throw in the peel (makes a pretty presentation and adds to the citrus flavor).
  3. Add Mandarin Vodka (1/3 of the bottle is how I do it).
  4. Fill with Water, stir.
  5. Pour into highball glasses.
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Most Helpful

It was a hot hot day today, we were cooking in the kitchen and both hubby and I really wanted a cool drink. We only had citrus vodka and triple sec in the house, so I made these. At first I made as written, and it was good but it needed something more. So I added a little triple sec, some sugar, orange flavored water and a few crushed mint leaves. It ended up tasting a lot like a mojito and was great for a hot summer night. Loved the fresh oranges in this. Thanks for the inspiration, Chef V!

Dimpi August 22, 2009

V my dear friend, you make a killer drink! I did make a couple of substitutions though, only out of necessity. I searched everywhere for mandarin vodka, but couldn't find it. I found EVERY other flavour under the sun, but no mandarin, so maybe it isn't available here in Canada. So I decided to keep the citrus theme and use lime flavoured vodka. Then, off to the grocery store, where I found no tangerines! ARGH! So this is what I did, in a pitcher, I mixed 1/4 full of lime vodka, 1 whole sweet navel orange, 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 a lime, then filled the pitcher up with ice and topped it with water. WOW!! Was this good! I drank it at a girls weekend and I was the only one not holding my head in misery the next day, I was hangover FREE LOL! This is my new favourite drink, and I can't wait to try all the variations I've been reading about. Thanks for posting my friend! When you come to Canada, you will have to bring me some mandarin vodka so we can try it the original way together! :)

~Leslie~ August 11, 2008

Had this on a picnic with friends on a hot day. It was light, refreshing. Super easy to make. Thanks Chef~V!

Obag July 13, 2009

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