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My husband and I loved this! Great flavors. The amounts of lemon zest and dill were perfect! Sometimes both those flavors can overpower a dish if your not careful, but the amounts listed here were just right. The only thing I would change is the amount of mussels. We found that for the amount of risotto this recipe makes, 24 mussels wasn't quite enough to go around. I actually got about 30 mussels, and we still felt like there could have been more. I make mussels quite often, and I usually serve them in the shell. Perhaps the mussels "in the shell" give the illusion that there are more. I removed all the mussels, as the recipe suggested, and it looked a little skimpy compared to all the lovely risotto I had. But, this is just personal. We're BIG mussel fans here!!

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Kozmic Blues November 21, 2004
Vodka Mussels With Lemon Dill Risotto