Vlees Kroketten or Meat Croquettes

Recipe by Holiday1234

For me this is a so-so recipe but it is fairly traditional. Be sure to let the meat cool all the way though or you'll never be able to form the patties. Most of the time comes in cooling the meat.

Top Review by Nine 12 fingers

Well, you can leave about half these ingredient out of this recipe. Beef stock, olive oil, carrots, ground beef?, nutmeg, parseley, lemon. No wonder it's marginal. It's deffinitely not Dutch. Sounds more Indonisian. Ingredients should be. Tri tip, Butter, Flour, Eggs, Onions, Water, bread crumbs, and the key ingredient Dutch Maggi to taste. This takes about 5 hours to make due to lenght of time it takes to mixture to cool and formed before deep frying. I guarantee this recipe is'nt marginal.

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  1. In a saucepan, melt the butter.
  2. Slowly add the flour and mix until smooth.
  3. Add the stock, cook 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. In a second saucepan, sauté onions and carrots in oil until soft.
  5. Add meat and sprinkle with nutmeg, salt and pepper.
  6. Cook until brown.
  7. Add to broth mixture.
  8. Stir in parsley and lemon juice, and cook 1 minute.
  9. Pour into a bowl and cool.
  10. Divide into 4 equal portions.
  11. Form meat mixture into oblong shapes.
  12. Roll in bread crumbs, then roll in egg wash.
  13. Roll in breadcrumbs again.
  14. Heat oil in a frying pan.
  15. Add meat patties and fry until golden brown.

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