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Piper Lee, you can use this as a salad dressing, have a spoon full in the morning (as you would medicine), use it for antiseptic, or in the bath for general protection.

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Luschka December 04, 2009

It works really well as a salad dressing, I agree. You can also spray down countertops (handy, for those who can't use commercial cleaners) and repel bugs without smelling like bug spray, though you do smell like a vinagarette. Also, everything in it is either antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, or antibiotic. The recipe that I have also uses lemon balm, which has all of the above qualities.

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lilvorpalbunny June 06, 2011

I think this recipe is very interesting and all, but I'm at a loss as to what to do with it once it's made. Can I use it to sterilize things? Do I use it as a hand-wash/rinse when I'm in town and have to touch doors and grocery carts, instead of Purell or some other hand-sanitizer? Please, if anyone knows what this recipe is meant for, besides protecting one's self from the Plague, LOL, I'd love to know how to use it. Thanks!

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Piper Lee January 23, 2008
Vinegar of the Four Thieves