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I really like this.Mine didn't turn out sticky(I did use the least amount of honey called for)I thought the vinegar might be too harsh for my skin,but this leaves it really soft.I used raw apple cider vinegar,5% acidity.I agree that the rose water really helps with the vinegar smell.Mine only smelled like vinegar for a few minutes,then my face smelled like rose water the rest of the day!Does any one else think this tastes good?Lol.reminds me of a 'cleansing' drink.I only gave it four stars for now because I haven't used it long enough to know it's long term effects (ie; help clear up my acne)Will be checking back with the results.
Update:This really has helped control my breakouts.Of course,my skin isn't 100% clear ;I didn't expect that though,after 10 years of acne.This is one of the best home-remedies I've tried.5 stars.

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strangelittlebeast February 06, 2011

since i used this toner i never used something else ITS THE BEST thank you soapster1980

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Batalat November 20, 2007

this works wonders!!!

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greengirl512 November 28, 2006

This truly does balance skins pH. Mine is a still sticky after many days of making it though but I may have added a bit more raw honey than called for. DH finds the smell of the vinegar too strong so I apply it when he is not around. I use Iranian rose water, which I prefer along with Edan brand organic apple cider vinegar. I guess it would be a must to use organic apple cider vinegar as apple cider flavoured vinegar does not have the same health benefits! If you have acne because of yeast on the skin I think the apple cider vinegar may not be the best idea and suggest to try the remedy stated in the introduction of Kill Yeast- a Candida Killer That Works. I do still feel a need to use additional moisturiser along with this toner.

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UmmBinat December 18, 2010
Vinegar and Honey Facial Toner