Vincent's Eggless, Sugarless Carrot Cake

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Total Time
20 mins
20 mins

My son was born with a number of health difficulties, this was a snack he was able to eat and did so right up to about the age of 4. Thankfully he has outgrown his intolerances and can now eat anything and everything (and he does). I created this recipe out of necessity, great as mini muffins and contain zero sugar. Walnuts can be added (chopped), but not recommended for anyone with any allergies OR young children as they can choke.

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  1. Combine the first 8 ingredients in a saucepan, gradually bring to the boil over a low/medium heat and let simmer for 5 minutes. Cool.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl, add the wet carrot mix and stir well.
  3. Drop spoonfuls into mini muffin or cupcake tins (lined with patty cases).
  4. Bake at 180oC for 15-20 minutes.