Viki's Lasagna

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READY IN: 2hrs 15mins
Recipe by Vanja77

Created by: Viki. Approx. 1995 Thanks Viki! NOTE: may have leftover shredded cheese, store in ziploc bag or be dangerous and use it all! cheesy!...just do not over run the pan. add sugar if you get a too much ‘bite taste of tomato’…to taste of course, lightly plz. the best way to serve is do the nite before, sit in fridge, place in oven to heat up (or can cut in squares and micro)...and of course those dandy ziploc holders are great for freezing...

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  1. Cook the sauce down to be a little thickness,not runny -- that way can do the 'taste test' while simmer -- do not boil.That usually takes a hour or so -- but do not make it too thick -- usually by the time all the other stuff is done it has cooled down to warm. if you prep ahead of course cold is good -- may take longer in oven --
  2. PREP:.
  3. Find a willing volunteer to do the ‘mise en place’ shredding, keep each cheese in separate place, do not mix up.
  5. Start with sauce on bottom.
  6. Pasta.
  7. Sprinkle with motz, jack, cheddar, longhorn.
  8. Sauce.
  9. Pasta.
  10. Middle should be about now…sauce, layer on slices of provolone, top this with the sausage…add the parmesan and romano…then little more sauce.
  11. Pasta.
  12. Then follow up with the rest of layers listed in order above.
  13. SAVE some parmesan for the top.
  14. Spray pan, I have used the 9x12 but then the pasta curls out on edges and u have to cut back on the cheeses & sauce…usually a pan used for lasagna maybe 14’…pasta will look strange because they are dry but will expand and absorb the juices…bake 350 degrees, foil top, approx 45 min…please check and make sure foil is loose so as no cheese sticks when removed.
  15. REMOVE WITH CARE…ITS PRETTY HEAVY! -- but ‘dee-lish-eee-ooh-soo’…VJK.

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