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Made these along with another recipe and these were by far the best. We added fresh hot pepper too but the cilantro really kicked it up. Left the egg out because it did not seem to need it. We baked some and froze the rest. Thanks for another great recipe.

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riffraff January 27, 2003

I have been looking for a good vietnamese spring roll recipe ever since I had some at this fantastic vietnamese place near where I live. This recipe is SO incredibly close to the ones from the restaurant. The only thing different I did was I ground up a package of shrimp in the food processor and added it in with the ground pork and also added in some lemongrass because the ones I had at the restaurant had ground shrimp and lemongrass in them. I also tried to replicate the sauce from the restaurant which was pretty easy and althought didnt seem great while I was making it, it really went fantastic with the rolls. (the sauce I made was 1 minced chili, 1 clove of minced garlic, 4-5 tbsp of sugar, 2/3 cup water, 1 tbsp of very finely shredded carrots, 1 1/2 tbsp of fresh lime juice, and 5 tbsp of fish sauce...the fish sauce is something Id never heard of before, but after digging a little I found it in the asian section of our grocery store. It comes in a small bottle, is orangy-brown and very watery. It stinks and tasted TERRIBLE on its own but when mixed with the above ingredients it makes a fantastic sauce.) Thanks for posting this recipe. everyone I made it for thought it was absolutely fantastic. I make it all the time. The first time I made it I used the rice papers, which I found did not fry evenly and didnt go crispy like the spring roll wrappers do. After that I only use the spring roll wrappers. I could only find these in a tiny asian store that I came across. None of the grocery stores where I live sell them. Thanks again. This is one of my favorites!

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poko-yo December 20, 2007

A Bit different from my mother's traditional spring rolls but tasty none the less! Also, I tried to seal with water but it wouldn't stay. So instead of sealing with water, I seal with egg yolk, that way, it stays seal. I thought this helped a lot.

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i_got_pho November 10, 2007

I love these egg rolls! I make them fairly often and freeze after frying for a quick snack, I just pull them out, defrost and bake them until hot. I love dipping them in Thai Red Chili Sauce. I always vary the ingredients depending on what I have in the kitchen, usually just making veggie egg rolls, but shrimp is also wonderful. I have a difficult time sealing the edges so that no oil enters, but I am getting better at it with practice. One caution: if you have fingernails be very carefull, the wrappers puncture very easily. When this happens I just sprinkle a little water on and pinch to seal. Thanks a lot!

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Daphne2002 October 30, 2003

Oh wow these were amazing. My son is very fussy with vegies so it was a great way for him to enjoy the ones in the rolls. He and his Dad came back for more they were that good!!! Thank you so much for posting this recipe - it is sure to be a big family favourite now!

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Minnie Of Oz October 06, 2012

turned out my great. my boyfriend loves these when we go to vietnamese restaurants and was really impressed i was able to make them and they turned out fantastic. i omitted the white wine (ive never seen wine served at a vietnamese restaurant) and they still turned out great.

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Jessy's Girl July 04, 2008

Absolutely OUTSTANDING! This recipe is such a big time keeper!!!! I found this recipe really easy to work with and I have never dealt with egg roll/spring roll wrappers at all. And also, not tedious at all. Maybe because I like this sort of thing when I have time. I made a batch and a half of the filling and bought to bunches of spring roll wrappers because Im a pig :) Anyhow, There was 16 in a pack and I made enough to fill the 32 wrappers exactly. Me and BH ate all but 10 of them which I froze. We were hungry and it is his birthday. The only thing that I did differently was I went ahead and bought regular rice (fully cooked it) because I could not find Vemacelli rice at either grocery store that I went to and could not find ground pork other than with about a half pound of ground beef (for meat loaf) so I used that. My BH does not like asian food but he loved this alot. I also didn't make your sauce because I have some great egg roll sauce from an asian store in the refrigerator. Other than that...........Excellent!!! Thank you so much for the great recipe. One more thingy. I did not have any problems whatsoever with the wrappers and they weren't even frozen. I rolled all 32 egg rolls in about 40 minutes. Thank you again so much!

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Gingerbear January 03, 2004

These were sooooo fun to make and sooooo yummy! Everyone LOVED them, including the kids!! I crave them every day now. I can't wait to make them again. You rock CG! Great recipe!

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~In*Memory*of*Brats~ October 20, 2003

Amazing recipe, cg! And OMG! Without your class, I would never have known how easy it is to make these!(http://www.recipezaar.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=47469) The flavor is great, and these are so versatile. Anyone could make these, and really should try. I also made your nuac cham sauce, and it was a wonderful addition! Thanks cg!

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ciao October 07, 2003

Wonderful! I used shrimp and crab instead of pork, but followed every other direction to the letter. I'm so proud I made this! I had enough left over mixture to fill up 10 more rolls though, which was good, because that means I get to eat more! I served this with Lo Mein and spinach egg drop soup. I also made your Nuoc Cham sauce to go with it. You're amazing Bratty Brat!

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Kiss*My*Tiara October 05, 2003
Vietnamese Spring Rolls