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Exceptional recipe - I served this recipe as an appetizer. Your instructions are so clear even a first time user of rice paper would be able to follow (I have usedrice paper often but I remember the first time). The hoisin sauce is flavorful yet not too spicy - I put in the peanuts just before serving so there was an extra crunch in the sauce. The Nuoc Cham Dipping sauce is excellent (I upped the cayenne a notch or two) the lime is just right in balancing the fish sauce and garlic. I made sure that the asparagus was still crunchy and left the head poking out of the wrap resting on the red lettuce. This time I used the larger size rice paper (about 9") but I also have some 6" which I would use next time for a smaller appetizer roll. This is a refreshing tasty recipe that is perfect for a luncheon side dish or as the salad dish, an appetizer or as a course in an Asian meal. Very nice combination Thanks Sue for a recipe that will be a favorite of mine (last sentence edited 29 Jan 04)

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Bergy January 29, 2004

This is fabulous -- a sure-to-be staple during the summer months. Lump crab meat just happened to be on sale this week, but have also made with leftover chicken and turkey. I like the Nuoc Cham sauce over the hosion-based sauce -- and shredded the carrots directly into the sauce. I have also substituted sliced cucumber in place of the asparagus.

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Aunt Willie July 27, 2003

I totally love the Hoisin dipping sauce. I didnt have all the ingredients needed for this recipe. A little veggie monster raided my fridge and ate most of my veggies up. I did have thai basil, bean sprouts,spinich and some left over fried salmon. Oh my goodness was this amazing. I could only imagin how much better it would have tasted with all the veggies.YUM-O!!! The hoisin sause gave it that extra umph.I have never used rice paper before and it was a little tricky to work with.I am sure that practice makes perfect and in this case i have no problem with more practice.I havent tried the Nuoc Cham dipping sauce yet, but I cant wait to try it out.I have had fish sauce one other time and I enjoyed the flavor that it gave to the food. Thanks for sharing.

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islandsweetie March 11, 2008
Vietnamese Soft Rolls with Crab