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I baked them instead of frying them, which circumvented the "greasy" problem mentioned by another reviewer. Delicious flavor!

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La Dilettante September 18, 2011

A take on Cha Khoai Tay with necessary RSC ingredients added and adjusted to qualify for the contest. I did use jarred lemongrass. I liked the free flow of the patties. I did remove from pan when fried and placed on paper towels to absorb the excess oil and place in the oven to keep warm. I used a 1/4 cup to make 12 patties. I used Nuoc Cham With Optional Ingredients. Close to this recipe here http://www.recipehound.com/Recipes/1166.html Enjoyed!

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Rita~ March 08, 2010

These were really good! I used soy sauce instead, because I couldn't find fish sauce that was kosher. Simple to make, and quite good. I never tried Vietnamese food before, so I didn't know what to expect. I did find them to be on the greasy side, and I was hoping the 2/3 cup of oil wasn't going to be too much, but I still found them to be greasy anyway.

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Studentchef March 06, 2010

These were fairly simple to make, although my mixture was a little too wet and the patties did not want to stay together while coating them in the panko, and I found coating them with the panko to be a bit awkward. Coating them in panko though gave them a very nice crispy crunch and they fried up nicely, cook time was quick. Although this recipe calls for strong spices, I found it lacking somewhat in flavor, maybe as simple as additional salt? It also could have been the brand of fish sauce I used, as I tend to go for the brands with lower rather than higher sodium content. I did however, make the dipping sauce, and it definitely upped the flavor, but the consistency of the sauce didn't really mesh with the recipe itself for me. It's a very thin, almost watery sauce, and I think a thicker, maybe creamy type sauce would have held up better with the patties. Regarding creativity for the contest, there are many recipes on the web for this dish, so I don't know that the originality factor was truly there, although additional contest ingredients were added. A decent recipe, just didn't take me over the top. Good luck in the contest.

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Kelly M. March 06, 2010
Vietnamese Potato Croquettes (Cha Khoai Tay)