Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 8 mins

If McDonalds were Vietnamese, I suppose we would be eating these all the time. But then again, try these! You may end up eating them all the time anyway!

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  1. Mix ground beef with fish sauce, lemongrass, garlic, and red pepper.
  2. Form 4 patties out of beef, patting lightly.
  3. Cook over hot coals (preferred), or cook in skillet or under broiler, turning once.
  4. Serve on split kaiser rolls (toasted if you prefer), with slices of cucumber, bean sprouts, and lettuce leaves.
  5. For condiments, use sweet chilli sauce (tastes like a spicy hot sweet& sour).
  6. You can also use extra nuoc cham and extra chile flakes, (if desired).
Most Helpful

Well Sue I usually love my burgers with fried mushrooms, double cheese, raw onion, tomatoe & lettuce etc - you get the picture -- Well I've been eyeing this version of your burger and I kept saying NOWAY but also I kept seeing it was your recipe so I tried it tonight - Blew me away - Fabulous flavor! It is rare that I can get fresh Lemon grass so I used dried put the grass, dried garlic flakes & chili flakes in a spice blender and murdered them to powder, mixed that and the fish sauce into the burger. Toasted the bun on the inside only, heaped on the cuke, lettuce, bean srouts and SWEET CHILI Sauce (love it spicy) This was one great burger. served with Baking Stone Oven fries - that's alll MMMmmmm good I love your recipes Sue Thanks

Bergy January 17, 2004

Very good burgers, the spices made a nice change to the regular burgers, the lemon grass gave them a fresh clean taste, and the heat of the pepper flakes was pleasant. Might add some chopped coriander next time.

Pets'R'us July 16, 2003

I like the burger, but theirs some things i don't like to much about burger that makes it viet, well its only my prefferations but im from the southern viet, and we prefer more spicy than sweet. i replace the regular red pepper flakes with thai chili pepper flakes, i turned the lemon grass into a smooth paste , i added lime to the burger on the grill right before it was finish, i made fresh viet style buns dunno what its called but learned it from my uncles bakery when i was a kid and he told me it was viet style bread, and topped with arugula and saute onions and the others and also my special sauce i made with sirachiri chili paste, mayo and honey and a secret ingredient that blends it all together, so that my interpretation of the vietstyle burger from McDonalds for you! well ty anyway for the idea, you inspired me to create this burger, to lazy to post it and don't wanna mention the secret ingrediant so i guess its up for grabs.

Wolfinsignia November 15, 2009