Vietnamese Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Total Time
8hrs 30mins
Prep 8 hrs
Cook 30 mins

Pork tenderloin on the barbecue has never been so tender or simple. I found this recipe in Gourmet magazine and didn't like the carmelizing process, so I just made it my own marinade. And my brother's tips on grilling tenderloin made it so easy!

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  1. Combine the sugar, green onions, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce and salt in a large bowl.
  2. Add the tenderloins, making sure they are coated with the marinade.
  3. Let sit in the fridge for as short as 4 hours, as long as 24 hours, turning when you can.
  4. Heat grill or broiler in your oven. But the outdoor grill is best.
  5. My brother's trick to grill these is to put them on the grill, on medium heat, and cover for 7 minutes, not disturbing them. Then turn over for 6 minutes. And then turn off the grill and let rest for 5.
  6. With my propane grill, I do them for 8,7,6. You want a bit of pink showing in the middle but almost all white.
  7. I love to eat these with a thai sweet and hot sauce, kids love them with plum sauce, and some just like them as is.


Most Helpful

This worked good. My best friend is vietnamese and ive been eating his grandmas cooking since I was in kindergarten. I can never get it to taste the way she did but this was great. I didnt have citrus so I switched it to fresh ginger. Tasted great. Good measurements. Thanks.

Chase Levi October 31, 2016

EXCELLENT! I marinated about 20 hours, then broiled in-house (winter time) about 5 1/2 minutes each 'side' on HI, came out great. Note that you have to make 2 tenderloins because: 1. they come 2/pack, and 2. one will be completely eaten by 'tasting' before you're ready to serve. (Initially it doesn't look like enough marinade, but after about 6 or 8 hours you no longer doubt).

lakeout February 19, 2010

WOW!!! This was great! I followed the instructions for the propane grill to a "T", and it was perfect. I served it with rice and topped it all with fresh cilantro---delicious! I'm planning on using the leftover pork for Vietnamese noodle salad (a great recipe is Hanoi Bun Bao--recipe #103540 on Recipezaar) instead of the beef. Thanks for a great recipe!

Cookin' in MN August 12, 2007

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