Vietnamese Crustless Quiche (steamed)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

we've been eating this way in my house for who knows how long. It's definitely a lot lighter than the traditional quiche, and faster as well. You can add basically anything to the mix. My parents call this "clean out the fridge" dish

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  1. Put everything into a bowl , or a deep dish sprayed with cooking spray.
  2. Steam in a steamer for about 30 minutes or more, depending on how deep the dish is, check when you push at the top, the egg mixture is firm.
  3. In my house, we put the mixture in a medium size rim bowl, and then put the bowl into the rice cooker when we're cooking rice.
  4. When the rice is done, the egg is done as well.
  5. We serve with rice, but you can eat this on its own.


Most Helpful

For those who did not have success with the steaming method in the rice cooker. The dish you use needs to be shallow(or about an inch deep). you will also need to allocate extra time for this method. Its a great recipe if you prepare it in the morning and place in rice cooker and when you come home from work, your whole meal is ready and hot in your ricecooker. If the taste is too bland, i recommend using lean pork mince and adding extra splashes of fishsauce.( also i do not usually add veges) when the dish is cooked, sprinkle a little white pepper on top, just before serving.If it is still too bland after you cook it( cos sometimes i forget to add fishsauce) a couple of splashes of light soy sauce always does the trick!! For the more adventurous ones, you can add salted duck eggs( one or two) and century eggs into the mixture as well. Simply stir in the salted duck eggs and leave the hard yolk untouched in your steaming dish. when you serve the dish, getting the yolk is like playing "lucky dip". Have a go, it is essentially an easy dish and is always a family favourite in our household! Good Luck!!

foodie/dietitian May 21, 2005

This just did not work for me. After reading Mianbao' s review I should not have tried it, but I guess I thought I could fix it, but it was just too bland, too tasteless. Even with added salt that the recipe did not call for, the dish was bland and left a lot (in my opinion) to be desired.

Julala February 05, 2005

I wanted to cook this together with rice in my rice cooker. At the end of the cooking time, neither the rice nor the quiche were cooked through. I think that the bowl I used took up too much room in the rice cooker. I was able to save dinner by re-setting the rice cooker and steaming the quiche separately in a stove-top steamer. I felt the dish, itself was okay - it seemed to need salt or something, though, and the chicken, which I had cut up fine, seemed to have gotten lost. I do believe that if I had taken the trouble to find, and read, my rice cooker's directions, the trouble probably wouldn't have happened, so I do not want to assign stars. Thanks, anyway, for the recipe. I will try variations on the theme that will work better for us. As for today, we had a reasonable dinner in the end, and a little excitement, too. (Which is good for everyone.)

mianbao December 17, 2004

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