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I have been cooking this for years and would urge people to try it, although not with the half cup of chili peppers unless they're into self torture. Start the chili slowly one pepper at a time or use dried pepper flakes since they are more controllable

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VNspirit Nguyen August 10, 2004

For the very first time I made this dish, this is the recipe I used. <br/><br/>Subsequently I tried looking for a different recipe but kept coming back to this one because it's probably the easiest. <br/><br/>I have made this three times now, and my family has fallen into this home-made version.<br/><br/>I don't use as much shrimps nor chili as the recipe calls for, but the flavor is still very good. <br/><br/>For it's simplicity both in the making and the flavoring and presentation, this has become a regular potluck dish for us.<br/><br/>Give it a try and enjoy!

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lijanel August 07, 2014
Vietnamese Cold Noodles with Shrimp