Vietnamese Chicken Curry

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 40 mins

Vietnamese curry is not as heat intensive as Indian or Thai, but is more aromatic and subtle. Do not omit basil, this really does make the difference. Have also substituted skim evaporated milk with a few drops of coconut essence instead of coconut milk. Traditionally served with rice vermicelli.

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  1. Shallow fry potato until light browned.
  2. Drain and set aside.
  3. Heat a little oil in a pan and saute shallots with lemon grass, garlic and chillies until soft.
  4. Add curry powder and stir for 2 minutes.
  5. Add chicken and stir for 3 minutes.
  6. Add potatoes, salt, coconut milk and chicken stock, bring boil, then cover and simmer gently for about 30 minutes.
  7. Sprinkle with basil leaves.
Most Helpful

The traditional Vietnamese recipe calls for taro root (khoai mon) in lieu of the potatoes.

Jim_Minh August 23, 2003

Yummy and easy. It was a bit subtle for me, so I added Sriracha to it and it was delish!

Shalabhanjika December 31, 2007

I made this with potatoes, coconut milk, Thai basil and the other ingredients listed. I did use more potatoes, but did not change the amounts of anything else. The lemongrass flavor is especially pronounced, and is not unpleasant. I think that this is a reasonably good recipe, but there was just not anything in the dish that jumped out at us and made us say, "delicious". It was an interesting experience, though. Thank you for the recipe.

mianbao March 16, 2004