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Great recipe. Healthy and delicious. I cheated and used a roasted chicken from Costco. Omitted the sesame oil because I'm allergic. Added half a red pepper for color. I'm serving it with sunflower seeds on the side, as I'm also allergic to all seeds. Traditional Vietnamese cabbabe and chicken coleslaw is usually topped with chopped peanuts. Thank you.

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Nado2003 August 30, 2010

I loved this recipe, too. I also poached the chicken with fantastic results. I think next time I will replace the water in the dressing with lemon juice. The balance of sweet, salty, hot and sour was just not quite right - needed more sour! Otherwise lovely, nutritious, a big winner in our house and sure to become a staple!

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aussiegoddess February 18, 2009

Yum, this is a wonderful recipe. Have to say that I made it with a free range BBQ chicken as it was just too hot to put the oven on. Very refreshing and complex flavours yet very easy to put together. Do try this one.

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Kate in Katoomba February 01, 2009

Kooka, I agree with you. It is healthy AND tastes fabulous. If you love Vietnamese cuisine, this is for you. I decided I would try poaching the chicken from scratch. I used a whole chook and the ingredients as listed except I had to increase the chick stock to 2 cups. I simmered it gently for 50 minutes, let it rest for 10 minutes and pulled it out. When it cooled enough to handle, I removed the meat. I then poured on the sauce and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Lastly, I drained the chicken liquid which I added to the rest in the pot and put it in the freezer for later as it tasted great. Everything else was to the letter except I added a pack of bean vermicelli (poured boiling water over, let sit for 15 min, then drained and rinsed) to make it more substantial. Some things to be aware of, palm sugar is hard to dissolve and there was a lot of dressing. We all tilted our plates to vacuum it up but maybe next time I will reduce the water a bit. Last note is that I used vietnamese mint which was also delicious.

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Chef @Oz November 23, 2007
Vietnamese Chicken & Coleslaw Salad