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100% in agreement with Big Gay Al (another reviewer of this recipe)! Super easy, outstanding flavor. We did it over a campfire. Just so long as you get it hot enough to boil, it doesn't matter how you do it. And as the recipe directs you, just toss in the shrimp, pull off the heat and wait six minutes. Just that simple.

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thedavo3 September 01, 2013

These are some really awesome steamed shrimp!! I'd have to say, the best I've ever had. Only thing I did differently was use Real Lemon instead of fresh for convenience, no matter, still excellent. Fresh lemon could only make them better yet. These are equally delicious left to cool, peeled and served with cocktail sauce. Excellent as an appetizer! I've had more compliments on these shrimp than I can count. I will say, the picture posted with this recipe leaves a bit to be desired, but do yourself, your family and guests a favor, try this, you'll love it!

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Big Gay Al December 11, 2011
Victory's Kicked up Beer Steamed Shrimp