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Wow. I've been looking at this recipe for a week and thinking how much I wanted to make it. I'm so glad I finally did! It's hot (as one would expect from the 2 cans of green chilis) but has lovely flavor. I used fresh breadcrumbs, skim milk, and fat free half and half. Otherwise I left the recipe as written. We had a minor emergency (the dog got out and had to be chased around the neighborhood) so this did not get eaten right away. It had fallen a bit but I just called it quiche and that was that! When I put it together I was skeptical (I admit it! I was!) because the liquid didn't seem to cover all the stuff well. But it looked beautiful when it was done. I liked this best at room temperature, though it was good hot and fine cold as leftovers. Thanks Cheri!

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ladypit May 01, 2008
Vickie's Green Chili Souffle