Vichyssoise (Leek and Potato Soup)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

A wonderfull creamy leek soup that can be eaten hot or cold. From that great old dam of cool books

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  1. saute onions and leeks in butter for a few minutes until tender.
  2. add thinly sliced potatoes and stock.
  3. simmer till potatoes are cooked,.
  4. remove from heat.
  5. add cream
  6. blend or mash if you like.
  7. add mace salt and white pepper
  8. serve topped with the optional chives or water cress.
  9. OR chill in freezer or fridge
  10. add cucumber and chives and serve.
Most Helpful

I made a half the recipe because I live by myself. I froze half before I put the cream in. This is so yummy and easy! I did use some of the green tops because I like the flavour so it did turn out greenish. Really delicious before I put the cream in, so I added minmal and low fat. It was great! Thanks alleycatb ;-) I will definitely make again.

Caro NZ February 21, 2009

TO DIE FOR! This soup was SOOOOO good! I absolutly love vichyssoise but I usually just make it off the top of my head. From now on I will be using this recipe as my standard. A chilled soup is so refreshing and this is definatly one of the best you will ever have. The directions were perfect and the soup was unbelivable. I made it exactly as stated, leaving the potatoes to cook for about 25 minutes to insure tenderness. I used an immersion blender to mash it all together and let it cool in the fridge. Once chilled the flavours developed wonderfully and the texture was great. It was delicious and well worth the extra calories as a treat!

Chez Desirée October 26, 2006