Very Soft Rolled Oat Cookies

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 15 mins

I got this recipe from my mother, who got it from her mother. This is a really soft and delicious cookie. I have shared this recipe many times!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Sift flour, salt, soda, baking powder and spices together.
  2. Cream margarine with brown sugar until fluffy.
  3. Add beaten eggs and mix well.
  4. Add sifted ingredients alternately with milk and in small amounts.
  5. Add rolled oats, raisins and nuts.
  6. Heat oven at 350° and bake for 12-15 minutes.
Most Helpful

Super recipe and very adaptable- just made a batch here in Turkey with almonds which are fresh off the tree. Don't be put off by how soft the mix is - spoon it out and it will be fine. Vally

chef vally UK June 23, 2008

The name says it all. Very Soft! Perfect for someone having trouble with anything hard. This will be made frequently. Thnx for posting!

Darkhunter April 27, 2008

Great cookies! The dough was much softer than I expected. Had it not been for the recipe name, I would have been tempted to add more flour. I omitted the raisins and nuts, but threw in a bag of butterscotch chips. This is my new oatmeal scotchies recipe!

Tierney's Mom June 28, 2004