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It rose fine for me, but had a dry texture despite being moist. I only made it once, so I couldn't tell you if adding more oil will fix that or not. Also, I never seem to like the flavor of fake sugar cooked (Splenda or Aspartame), so I just couldn't really get into this bread. I know this is probably obvious to experienced cookers, but be patient, and wait until it cools before you cut into it or it will sink. (Yes, I was impatient... it smelled good!)

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CareBearQ November 30, 2009

This bread turned out wonderfully light and did have the consistency of bread. The only problem I had was that it did not rise at all. It might be because I used a silicone loaf pan instead of a Pyrex one. I will have to try this again in a Pyrex loaf pan. The bread had a distinct vanilla flavor, and the whole house smelled liked vanilla as this was baking in the oven. :yummy: I'm not submitting a picture at this time because my bread didn't rise properly. Made for My-3-Chefs Nov, 2009.

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Crafty Lady 13 November 13, 2009
Very Low Carb Vanilla Quick Bread