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Reviewed for PAC Fall '07 ... I really had to tweak this to make it WW friendly (can't fall off the program, even for PAC!) But the recipe adapted beautifully, and I think the flavors are close enough for me to review this. I substituted NoPudge brownie mix for regular brownie mix, which meant using nonfat yogurt instead of melted butter. I threw in the oats, but left out the walnuts; I made my own cherry pie filling from a 'Zaar recipe. Left off the hot fudge topping and vanilla ice cream. Anyway, it's a delicious combination of deep chocolate and cherry, and the oats give it a nice crunch. I found it EXTREMELY sweet (and I have a first-class sweet tooth!), so a little went a long way. But I'd definitely make it again. I'm guessing that the original recipe would be very, very rich, but very yummy, and a real treat for anyone who loved a chocolate-cherry combination. Thanks for posting this!

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KLHquilts September 11, 2007
Very Cherry Brownie Crisp