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I made this yesterday morning and stuck to the recipe exactly. It turned out perfect. In fact, I wrapped one of the loaves and put a bow on it and took it to my sister-in-law's house for dinner last evening. She is an excellent baker and I would never take anything to her house unless I was very, very pleased with it. Thanks, Susie, this one will be made again at our house.

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Ouisey December 28, 2003

I've been trying Banana bread recipes for more years than I care to remember, looking for the perfect one. I came across this one recently and have made it 3 times now ... excellent results each time. I always have trouble with my loaves falling, with a doughy centre, no matter how long I leave them in the oven ... don't know why. But not this recipe for some reason! I've shared the result with neighbours and have been asked for the recipe. I think I'll stick with this one from now on ... I'm not sure what the cola does, but I think the secret is the dark brown sugar. I just stirred all the dry ingredients together in a big bowl, and whizzed the bananas, oil, eggs, vanilla and cola up with a hand blender separately, them dumped all the liquid into the dry and gave it a good stir before pouring in to sprayed pans & baking. Thanks for this great recipe!

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Esmerelda January 23, 2009

I cannot tell you how greatful I am to have found your recipe on this website. Everyone I know wants to thank you, it is absolutly outstanding.When I made it for the first time the flavor just exploaded in my mouth. I have tried alot of recipes but you certainly have the best one. Thanks again.

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Northern Julia January 03, 2008

I just want to thank AuntWoofieWoof for pointing out that the batter will seem to be too thin. I neglected to mention, in my instructions, that the finished batter will be thinner than most recipes for banana bread and do not let that scare you.

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Susie in Texas July 15, 2003

This is an EXCELLENT banana loaf recipe!! It was delicious! Very moist. I made it at a friends house; She did not have dark brown sugar, just "regular" brown sugar. It still came out very good. We both thought it was so good. I did not add the nuts to it. When I had it all mixed up, the batter looked thinner than I thought it should be but I poured it into the pans anyways without adding a thing. The loaves turned out perfect! I will definitely be making it again!! Thanks Susie for a great recipe.

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AuntWoofieWoof July 13, 2003

I have given this 5 stars as it was my mistake the cake did not turn out how it was supposed to, it was at the correct temperature and started to burn 50 minutes in and the inside was not set properly. I assume this is not enough flour but I did use the amount stated. I am going to weigh the flour next time instead of using my cup measure. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Liza V. May 18, 2014

Excellent banana bread! This one's a litle different in that it's darker and has a richer flavor from the dark brown sugar and cola. Cooking temp and time was perfect. Finally, banana bread that's not too dark on the outside but raw in the middle. Uses lots of bananas, which is usually what I'm after. Keep well in a covered container and wrapped in the fridge. Of course it would freeze beautifully. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama July 11, 2011

THE best banana loaf ever! Moist and full of flavour. I used golden brown sugar instead and it turned out great. I made 2 loaves and froze one, and it passed the test!... it was still very fresh. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Will definately do again. 5*

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melanne77 July 29, 2010

This is a very good recipe. I was quite doubtful about the coca cola, but it helps make the cake rise since it acidifies the dough. I slightly modify the recipe though. I substitute the oil to heavy cream (or butter) and I use whole wheat flour (actually one cup of teff flour and the rest is whole wheat). I use a mix of walnuts and pecan nuts, coarsely ground. I generally spread with a brush some apricot marmalade on top of the cake after baking. Hydrocynus

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hydrocynus June 04, 2010

My first attempt at banana loaf and I wil not have to try a different recipe. Exactly what I was looking for...moist and delicious. Thanks

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jrsport May 19, 2010
Very Best Banana Loaf