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No photo as it came out pretty runny. I found this recipe really easy to make, assuming you start with a lot of prepared products. My mozzarella was already sliced. The parmesan was already grated. Marinara came out of a jar. To reduce the runniness, I was thinking I should have used a pre-made tube of polenta. Then it would have taken under 10 minutes to prep. This recipe is very basic. I do recommend spicing it up with some veggies or a flavorful sauce, or making a more flavorful version of polenta. Nice change from regular lasagna.

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alvinakatz August 08, 2015

This was a lot of work, but it came out great and looked very impressive. Instead of the directions here, I used the procedure in microwave polenta http://www.food.com/recipe/microwave-polenta-3503 to make the initial polenta. Also added some sauteed mushrooms as one of the layers because I love mushrooms.

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Jeri Roth Lande June 20, 2013
Versatile Layered Polenta