Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe is easy and simple. I often add shredded cheddar and green onions to spice it up. You can switch out canned salmon for the tuna.

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  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Form patties.
  3. Panfry in butter on medium heat.
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Yes, very simple and easy to put together. It seemed like it would be way too much bread at first, but it wasn't I did throw the torn bread into the food processor to break it up more, just a prefrence. I used tuna and added salt, pepper, dill and some honey mustard. They held up better than any fishcake/tuna burger recipe I've used before. It was easy to form the patties and I could flip them without having them fall apart, which is what usually happens. Yummy too. Even the one year old liked it. I liked that they don't have a huge "fishy" taste.We ate ours as is, because I didn't want to make sandwiches as there was already so much bread, but I think they would definately work well on a sandwich with cheese and other toppings.

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What an easy, quick and TASTY supper! I made the salmon version. I served with some rice and steamed broccoli. Pretty simple for after a hard day at work. Reminded me of my mom's salmon loaf without all the mixing and baking time! Made for My-3-Chef's 2008.

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I used Franz's "Great Seed" organic bread because that was what I had left in the fridge. Other than having seeds, which I didn't mind, the bread caused the cake to flake a little bit. I used 1.5 eggs because the eggs our chickens lay are small, the cake was not over-powered with egg which is what I was afraid of. I used StarKist 'Chunk Light' tuna packaged in Water. I added cumin, garlic powder, pepper, ground ginger, dried ground lemon peal, and chili powder before mixing it all together. My first 'tester cake' was too thin so it fell apart, I also fried it in bitter which quickly turned brown and began to burn. The other 2 cakes turned out nicer as I fried them in vegetable oil and made them thicker. I served them along side the half of egg I didn't use, scrambled. I salted the patties and used mayo as dipping sauce.