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Perfect in so many ways! It has just the right amount of sweetness without being cloying. 1) Do not increase the servings unless you are willing to brown the meat in batches. 2) Only use tenderloin or backstrap. 3) Calvados was perfect, but may be hard to find; so in a pinch, use any apple liqueur, apple brandy, or apple whiskey, or "make do" with pear liqueur. 4) Also, the red currant jelly is just right; but if you don't have a British-owned grocer nearby, I would make do with black currant jelly; you want the gelatin from the jelly but you don't want a distinct taste from a more pronounced grape. I used dried plums (aka prunes) to lessen water content. I used all of the white part of the scallion plus the green part that still had "filling". This cooked up so quickly and was marvelous, so this goes directly to our "A-1 Regular Rotation" cookbook. Made for 2013 My Three Chefs.

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KateL October 02, 2013
Venison With Plums and Calvados