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Made this today and it is really, really good. I followed the recipe but substituted some homemade shredded wheat rolls to soak in the milk that I had on hand instead of pumpernickel bread (which I didn't have!) and I added 6 cloves of fresh garlic minced, some thyme, some celery seed, some Old Bay Seasoning and some Emeril Lagasse hot sauce and I changed the grated lemon rind to grated lime rind. I would suggest spraying the loaf pan with Pam as the middle stuck a bit when I inverted the pan to take it out after baking - I baked it for the full 90 minutes at 350 degrees. I highly recommend this recipe - I prefer the baked venison pate to the chilled pate version. I used the entire venison liver after cutting out all the ventricles - which ended up being about half of the liver and I cut it into small chunks before adding it to the cast iron frying pan and I used a food processor to chop all the ingredients before putting into the loaf pan. I sincerely thank the chef for this amazingly simple and very good recipe. I

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Wentworth51 November 02, 2010

Made this for a Thanksgiving appetizer, just wanting something different. Giving 4 stars to the recipe as written, altho I did make some changes. I cut this recipe in half, since a deer liver is the size of a pot roast and I had no idea how it would turn out. Had no salt pork, so I just used bacon for that, in the blending process I added 8 oz cream cheese, softened, and did not soak the bread slices in milk. Left out the lemon because I forgot it. Served with crackers, and while I found out I am more a chicken liver fan, my guests are already requesting this for Christmas, so I'll definitely be making this again. My brother actually stole the leftovers and took them to his girlfriend's house, and now her family is requesting the recipe as well! Big hit, even tho I wasn't personally crazy about it. My 4 year old loved it too, but he's a "weird" kid in that he loves liver.

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Queen Roachie December 03, 2008
Venison Liver Pate