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These cookies came out wonderfully. They are very moist with a great almond taste. They take a little effort- but are definitely worth it. They taste just like they came from the Italian bakery. I used apricot preserves on one layer and raspberry preserves (warmed and strained) on the other. The tastes blend very nicely. This cookie is great for cookie exchanges too, as they make a pretty decent amount.

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tomato_77 November 25, 2007

This is the exact recipe that I got from my Italian mother-in-law 27 years ago. There are a few minor things I do slightly differently. First, I break up the almond paste and run it through the food processor. Then I add the sugar with it so that it totally is incorporated. Second, we've found we only like apricot, not raspberry (and I make my own seedless jam from berries we pick). Third, I found I need to use an 11x7 foil pan. Anything larger and there is not enough coverage. I'm apparently also not very good at eyeballing thirds as one bowl always seems a bit shortchanged. After layering with the jam, I cover in plastic wrap, weigh down with a wooden cutting board and refrigerate overnight. The next day I frost with chocolate (both sides). These are one of our favorites. Enjoy!

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sjlo5 December 21, 2013

These brought back wonderful childhood memories! Now that I have a little girl I can't wait to share them with her. These really aren't difficult but do take more time than your everyday drop cookies. Placing the layers, jam, and chocolate together is really easy and very forgiving since you will be cutting these anyway. There is nothing I would add or omit to the recipe; it's really very easy to follow. Like the first noter said substituting raspberry jam or using part raspberry and part apricot is a great idea and something we did when I was a kid as well. Next Christmas I think I will add raspberry to one layer!

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jenisinchina December 20, 2010
Venetian Cookies