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I'd go higher than five if I could! I absolutely loved this recipe - as did the husband, and most of our friends who tried it one night during a get-together. The meat came out melt-in-your-mouth tender. Julesong does a really good breakdown of the steps, so it was very easy, and very straightforward when cooking it. The only really adaptations I did the second time in making it was that, first off, I doubled the recipe, yet didn't double the amount of garlic and wine used in it while adding even more mushrooms! It came out loaded, yes, but the pot was cleaned, and one friend didn't get any when he arrived late. ;)

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mika_vumner May 06, 2002

We are so happy to discover the secret of really tender beef for our stroganoff. Try it for yourself, it is amazing what the baking soda process does.

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Steingrim May 30, 2002

I have made this recipe on three different occasions. The first time I had to substitute white grape juice for the wine. The next two times wine was used...and rightly so. To counterbalance the sour cream something slightly astringent is needed. On the next two occasions was trying to determine precisely why this recipe is better than any other stroganoff i have tasted or made. The most concise thing is to say that one should take the adjective ‘velvety’ very seriously. There is an overall smoothness to this recipe that I have not experienced before. Yet there are layers of flavour for all the smoothness. The beef was indeed tender but for me that was only one of the positive components of this recipe. I’m afraid I haven’t yet captured the ‘magic’ of this recipe...so I will return after making it a dozen or so times more to see if I can be concise. Of course I could merely use my alternative review here...FANTASTIC!

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Myrna in London June 13, 2002

I have spent years looking for the perfect beef stroganoff recipe, and now I can stop looking! This recipe is incredible! I used New York Strip steak, and it was so tender that I could cut it with a fork! And my kids loved it! It was also very easy to make. I substituted canned mushrooms (that was all I had), and it was still good. I also used White Zin instead of plain white, and that was very good as well.

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ChipotleChick June 29, 2002

yummy, yummy, yummy! Thanks so much!!

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Isabelle's Mom June 02, 2002

I cooked this up for my wife, who 'loves' stroganoff. She found it far tastier then any she's had before. This would be a fun one to experiment further with.

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Muktuk Johnson September 04, 2002

Delicious! I used a full bodied red wine instead of white but the flavors where distinct and wonderful. Great recipe. Will make this again!
And I made this Gluten Free by using King Arthur Gluten Free Flour and Gluten Free Worcesterchire sauce in the same amounts and heaped on a pile of gluten free noddles.

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CookieKris October 10, 2011

This was good, but not great. Meat was very tender but I thought it had a strange taste left on it. I did rinse well but something was off. My son, who eats anything, told me he just wasn't feeling it..LOL. Hubby loved it...I am middle of the road. While my sauce tasted great, it seperated and I am not sure why, never had that problem before. Will make again for the sauce, just not using the baking soda method for the meat. Thanks!

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RepoGuysWife April 21, 2010

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this. This is our favorite stroganoff. My six year old loves this! I usually make it with ground beef and skip the baking soda step. I would have to agree with Dizwendy that when we used the sliced beef soaked in baking soda and water, it had a soggy texture we didn't like. If I used sliced beef again, I'd probably just use a tender cut and forget about the baking soda. The sauce is delicious and it's good served with the leftover bottle of wine used in cooking.

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Mickey in MN January 13, 2010

I think this must be one of those love it or hate it recipes. I thought it sounded like a strange technique to achieve tender beef, but decided to give it a try since there were so many wonderful reviews. Unfortunately, my family hated it. The beef was very tender, but had a nasty texture. My 11 year old said it was too "mushy" and that's the best way I can think of to describe it. It didn't have the texture of beef at all and just wasn't pleasant to bite into. We also did not care for the baking soda flavor left in the beef. Even though I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, you could still taste it. From a family that will eat basically anything that doesn't eat us first, we ended up throwing this out. :(

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Dizwendy October 06, 2008
Velvety Beef Stroganoff