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Best Mac and (no)Cheese in this world! Kids couldn't believe how tasteful if was! Best compliment is when they as me to redo it another time! I will re-do it for sure and next time with some colorful veggies in the macaroni to open the appetite with the eyes.

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Vin Cent January 20, 2012

Oh my god. This recipe is fantastic. The texture of the cheese sauce is so dead on: it tastes rich without being heavy. It has a stickiness you wouldn't expect but appreciate. The flavor is impeccable. The lemon tang mimics the "bite" you'd get from a good block of cheddar. And best of all it doesn't leave you feeling guilty or bloated like a mac n cheese usually would. This is a recipe I will now frequently share with non-vegans...and I probably won't even bother saying cheese with air quotes because it's that good.

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Kristin S. December 25, 2015

Had to try this because I've been making a recipe called "The Best Vegan Mac & Cheese in the World...Seriously!" from VegWeb....which is actually is sooo good I don't think it could get any better....BUT I liked the idea that this had cashews and veggies in it and less fat, so I made it exactly as per recipe and yes, it was pretty darn good! Different from the VegWeb mac & cheese in that it has no nutritional yeast, etc....but I would most definitely call this the "Best Nutritional Yeast Free Vegan Mac & Cheese" I might tweak the recipe just a tad next time and add a little less lemon juice, a little more mustard and maybe twice the cashews for more protein...<br/><br/>update: I had doubled the recipe and froze 1/2 the sauce for later....So when I thawed it out, I added 1/2 cup nutritional yeast and OMG! it had so much more cheesy flavor! I'm not sure why anyone would want to avoid nutritional yeast but if there's a good reason, this is pretty good without it, but AMAZING if you do use it.

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lekawa November 27, 2013

i must be doing something wrong because every time i make this (three times already) it is just so bland tasting, it smells good great texture and tastes okay but it hasn't much taste to me
everyone keeps saying that this is the best mac and cheese in the world, so it has to be me. maybe the recipe got lost in converting from cups to gram I don't know . too bad

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chananas May 05, 2012
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