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This made for us a delicious lunch.<br/>I placed the prepared mold (margarine and breadcrumbs on the bottom) in the oven to preheat.<br/>I the meantime I sautè the onion and the artichocken (10 pieces, 2 tins).<br/>As I used frozen spinach I could not saute this,<br/>I removed the mold from the oven added onion and artichoked and placed "dots" of the defrosted spinaches. After this I poured the egg + spices + salt + cheese (Swiss cheese: Luzerner Rahmkäse) mixture and placed in the oven. This came out delicous and really pretty. WOW!<br/>Thanks a lot for your suggestion! My DS will enjoy the leftovers at school for lunch;

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awalde June 03, 2013

I totally enjoyed this! It was simple and oh so good. I used marinated artichokes, 4 eggs, and some smoked gouda and added a little mozzarella because I didn't have enough gouda. I made this in a small tapas pan and it worked perfectly. Thanks Bethie for another winner. Made for ZWT7 by a fellow Emerald City Shaker.

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lazyme June 06, 2011

Very tasty. Made a nice breakfast, but would also work for a lunch with a side of fruit or salad. Loved the combo of the artichoke hearts, shallot and gouda. I added some Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning to the top prior to baking and it added a great flavor. I will keep this for future use!

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JanuaryBride July 14, 2008

My DH and I loved this for breakfast! I used marinated artichoke hearts and instead of shallots, I used scallions. I also halved quartered the recipe, using 3 eggs. Wonderful meal! Thank you Elmotoo! Made for ZWT4.

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Sharon123 May 29, 2008

A wonderful use of contest ingredients resulting in a simple yet delicious mid-day meal. I really loved the way the meatiness of the artichoke hearts popped against the softness of the eggs and melted cheese. Thought the addition of some herb might have unified the dish a bit more, but at a loss as too which. Dill would work well with the spinach and Gouda but not as well with the artichokes. Basil perhaps? I made a few tweaks to fit for me. For the eggs, i used half eggs and half egg beaters, as the eggs did give the dish a richness that might have been lost with just egg substitute. Also replaced the butter for olive oil and reduced the total amount by a third. Though not intended I also reduced the cheese but simply because not all of it would fit in my halved batch - there was still lots of cheese with just two ounces (instead of three). Thanks Elmotoo.

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justcallmetoni March 06, 2008
Veggieble Frittata