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Good basic sandwhich recipe, the mixing of the dressing prior does make a difference. I didn't add anything this time, but would add green pepper in the future, they also go great with Campbell's Tomato soup!

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RAVICKERY January 11, 2010

This was so super yummy! I LOVE the combination of avocado and dijon mustard!! Just when I thought you couldn't make avocado any better, I tried this :). I used the veggies I had on hand, which were sliced mushrooms, cucumbers, garden tomatoes, a few slivers of onion and fresh spinach. I, too, skipped the ranch dressing based on personal taste. And...of course it's a veggimich. Everyone knows there is an "m" in "sammich" ;). Made for PAC Fall 2009.

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smellyvegetarian October 05, 2009

I loved using a very hearty wheat bread, but I only used a heirloom tomato or just one good beef steak would of worked, I used a yellow heirloom which was very sweet and complimented the sprouts and cucumber. Ranch, NO way not on something this good. I made a parsley and tarragon aioli with with the dijon which I thought worked much better with the fresh flavors. I also used arugula to compliment the other flavors and give it a kick. But a good Bibb or Red Leaf would work fine. Romaine or Iceberg would definitely not work for this. I loved the avacado and I did add a few thin slices of red onion. Mostly because I had just 3-4 thin slices left which I wanted to use up, which again with the arugula gave it a bit of tang. But a very nice sandwich, Ranch, I leave for carrots and celery or wings. LOL. Very tasty

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SarasotaCook September 04, 2009

This is a very good sammy FuzzyK. I will admit it's a first for me putting avocado and/or alfalfa sprouts on a sammich. Very good in the flavor dept. the only thing I omitted was the ranch dressing. I also honey mustard, whole wheat bread and spinach leaves. Did add a touch of salt to the tomato slices. Thanks for sharing your favorite sammy!~ Made for HolidayTag.

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CoffeeB June 26, 2009
Veggie Sandwiches A.k.a. Veggimiches