Veggie Sandwiches A.k.a. Veggimiches

READY IN: 10mins
Recipe by FuzzyKiwi

I used to make these all the time in southern Cali for my BF. Now that I've relocated to the far North, certain fresh ingredients are harder to come by, so I haven't been able to make this sandwich in ages. I'm not sure where the "m" stems from in "veggiemich," that's just what we ended up calling it. :) The reason for mixing the mustard and dressing prior to spreading on the bread is to avoid uneven spreading while keeping the calorie count down. Everything can of course be omitted or replaced to your taste; you can even make it Atkins-friendly by making a lettuce pocket and omitting the bread, hehe! We loved using a lot of pepper for a nice kick. You can make it a more filling meal with other additions, too! ^_^

Top Review by RAVICKERY

Good basic sandwhich recipe, the mixing of the dressing prior does make a difference. I didn't add anything this time, but would add green pepper in the future, they also go great with Campbell's Tomato soup!

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  1. Layer lettuce, cucumber, avocado, tomato, and alfalfa sprouts on 2 bread slices - the elements move around less when layered in that order. (For a more filling meal: add chicken, tuna, a meaty mushroom e.g. portobello, eggplant, or tofu at this point.).
  2. Mix mustard, Ranch, and pepper - can substitute favored mustard and dressing to taste, e.g. honey mustard, and increase amounts for more kick.
  3. Spread mustard mixture onto remaining 2 breadslices, complete the sandwiches, and enjoy your very healthy and refreshing meal! Feel free to add things, e.g. bell pepper, onions - this is just my perfect combination.

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