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This is lovely. The flavour is subtle and mild, but nevertheless interesting. In spite of the long list of ingredients, it was quick and easy to make. Possibly my veggies were on the large size, because I would say it made more like 4 cups of pate.

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Jenny Sanders March 06, 2004

Like most people I added way more spices and garlic...ah and some curry and chilli powder and it was delicious ..

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Crook cook April 22, 2009

Delicious! I've made this twice. The second time I did add more garlic (4 cloves total) and an additional teaspoon of mustard. This recipe also freezes beautifully.

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aylmerannie February 09, 2009

I just made this last night for my SO and I. It was wonderful! We both loved all the wonderful flavors. My variations were fresh basil instead of dried, 2 cloves of garlic, didn't use savory, added more sage. Also, I wanted to be sure I got the full flavor from my herbs abnd garlic, so I sauteed them in part of the oil before adding to the mixture. When it was all baked, it reminded us of a veggie stuffing. Because size varies on the veggies your using, I would only add as much water as needed. I used the full 1 1/2 cups and wish that I would have only used 1 cup, so I would have a thicker texture. We served this with wild and brown rice along with tofu and veggie gravy. Best dinner I've had in a long time!

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kewlkat103 August 27, 2007

Very delicious. I served mine with roasted cauliflower and potato covered in olive oil and crushed garlic. Yum! I did make a few changes: Barley flour instead of wheat, sunflower oil instead of canola, celeriac instead of celery and I didn't have any savoury or mustard powder, but still turned out fab.

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veganmama February 15, 2007

I've made this several times now, and it never lasts very long. Good enough to eat on its own, even.

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Georgia Charlotte December 13, 2006

Geema, this is fantastic! I followed the directions exactly, except I added about 3 small cloves of garlic instead of just one and forgot the lemon juice (oops!). Oh, I also didn't peel the potato- I never do. I figure why throw out the most/only nutritious part of them? Wonderful flavor and texture. It's actually surprisingly easy because you can just throw everything in the food processor and let that do all the work for you. The nutritional yeast adds a great very subtle cheesy flavor. It sort of reminds me of hummus, but not quite. A very pretty dish, actually. We've tried it warm, cold and at room temperature and all are absolutely delicious. This does make a lot though, I would agree with the other reviewer in saying that it probably makes more like 3-4 cups rather than two. Excellent recipe. I would defintely make this again. The recipe worked exactly as stated.

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Roosie June 08, 2004
Veggie Pate