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I just made these yesterday and they came out amazing. I doubled the recipe because I grated to much carrots. I only made a couple changes. I added one block of firm tofu and one box of firm silken tofu. I also added homemade vegan chic'n style seasoning. I love this recipe and I'm going to make it for mother's day. Thanks for the recipe.

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holagurl4sure May 05, 2013

This was a lesson in patience. I couldn't get the burgers to keep their form and eventually ended up having to pan fry them as they were taking too long to bake. We felt the mixture needed an extra dose of seasonings-perhaps doubling the cumin and nutritional yeast for example. A squirt of chipotle Tabasco enhanced the taste. Maybe fresh herb like cilantro or basil in the mix would help...? It was however another interesting "lab" experiment and the best part was ~Tasty~ loved these. Eating the leftovers tomorrow for breakfast. Reviewed for Veg Tag August.

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COOKGIRl August 31, 2010

"I like these as much as I like dogs", that's huge praise from my 6 yr old! These worked out really well, thanks for sharing. We had them as an entree with salad. Love the use of oats in this recipe. I used firm silken tofu, so the consistency was probably a lot different...I had no trouble getting them to hold together (altho very sticky), and they pan fried beautifully. They were probably softer inside than you would want as a 'burger' due to my sub, so if I was intending to eat these in a bun, I'd stick with the regular firm tofu. I found this made quite a bit, 12 medium-ish patties.....able to freeze some. Thanks again!

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magpie diner August 11, 2010

Delicious and nutritious! I made these into mini burgers as I could only find mini buns at the store. My DD's loved these! My poor girls are subject to always trying new things I find on Zaar and wanted to make sure this one would be repeated. ;) These are crumbly and difficult to get to stick together - as I expected with them being vegan and no egg added - but as long as you are careful with them they'll stay together well enough and once you taste them it won't matter if they are a little crumbly! These had the same texture as my walnut "meatballs" so I rolled a few for fun too. Thanks Sharon! Made for new Zaar tag.

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Enjolinfam August 21, 2008

An excellent recipe. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. A tasty treat - best veggie burger I have ever had.

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erheathbar November 08, 2010
Veggie Oat Burger