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5 stars. . .from a meat eater, none the less. This is great stuff! Since Prose said that it tends to fall apart when cutting, I just made them into individual serving loaves (and crossed my fingers) and it worked awesome. I cut recipe in half and made the following changes to the recipe: I added 2 T of Andreas Steak Sauce for flavor, used black lentils and used the full 1/4 cup tomato paste. I LOVED the flavor of the walnuts. I served them atop garlic mashed potatoes for a great meal! My husband even went back for seconds. . .I love it! Made for Veg*n Tag.

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JanuaryBride February 16, 2009

Grrr....My review didn't post for some reason. I want to make sure I remember my changes because I know I'll be making this again. This was a delicious recipe as is I'm sure, but my changes were to use, both red and green bell pepper, more tomato paste and olives, almonds instead of walnuts, cilantro instead of parsley, 1 T. of soy sauce, baked in a muffin tins, uncovered for 40 mins. Loved the crispy edges! Served with mashed potatoes, gravy and salad. Loved it tonight, and looking forward to leftovers. It was flavorful without being over the top. Thanks for the keeper recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview April 25, 2014

This was just "good" in my opinion. Made mainly as written, but took the below suggestions of using 1-6oz can tomato paste and mashing half the lentils. Mine wasn't crumbly at all. However the texture came out pretty mushy. Also I found that the red bell pepper was the dominant flavor, and otherwise it was rather bland. I liked that this was a veggie loaf that was actually made with veggies unlike many others, but this wasn't the "it" recipe for me. Good jumping off point.------Ok had to come back to say that this is REALLY really really good cold as leftovers. Just ate half the loaf. If I could just solve the mushy issue! I'll probably keep playing with this.

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Nikoma January 14, 2011

We have started putting more and more vegetarian meals in our diet but my husband is not convinced we should ever go entirely meatless. With that said, he loved this recipe. As others suggested, I made individual loaves in a muffin pan. I also added a minced seedless jalapeno. The result was not spicy but had a great taste. Thanks!

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EnjoyingLife May 02, 2010

100% delicious!! And some of the best veggie "meat" I've ever eaten--this loaf is tasty alone, or in a sandwich! Based on some of the other reviews, I semi-mashed the lentils, used a 6 ounce can of tomato paste, replaced the dried marjoram with dried oregano, and added two cloves of (minced) garlic. Plus I used Kalamata olives, reduced-sodium soy sauce, and added 1/2 teaspoon of salt. It did take some time to get everything together (I did all of the chopping/grating/mincing by hand)--but it also made a lot, and held up really well in the fridge. I've been looking for more meatless dinner options, and this is an excellent one; we'll definitely have it again! Thanks so much, Prose, for a great recipe!! (Tagged, made, and reviewed for Healthy Choices ABC Game.)

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So Cal Gal February 01, 2010

Excellent. My favorite veggie loaf recipe so far. I baked the mixture in muffin tins (1/4 cup each - 12 muffins) so that the cooking time was reduced and there was a nice brown crust on each serving (also no problem with it falling apart as there was no slicing required). Made a few modifications: Per previous reviews, I mashed some of the lentils and used 3/4 can of tomato sauce instead of the paste. I omitted the mushrooms (but served with cooked mushrooms -- yummy!). Also I also used mixed nuts rather than walnuts. Thanks for sharing. I will make this often.

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kconzelm January 10, 2010

Super good veggie loaf! I mixed my ingredients until the lentils and rice looked mashed so that there was no prob making sticking together. Feels healthy and great! I ate this with some mashed cauliflower and vegetarian gravy Delicious Vegetarian Gravy.

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Kit Chen November 27, 2009

Really yummy veggie loaf! It wasn't too hard too put together, I did so casually as the rice and lentils cooked. I used the whole can of tomato paste (the small one), which was about twice what was called for, based on the additional comments, and that worked great - it wasn't overly crumbly at all. I think I'll do like magpie did and adjust the seasonings a bit, add pepper and garlic, and probably not add the marjoram, but that's just personal taste. :) Thanks, Prose - awesome recipe! Made for Veggie Swap 16.

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Katzen November 15, 2009

Hands down the best veggie loaf I've ever made. Easiest to make and best result. I love that this recipe didn't require sauteeing the onion etc beforehand. It's a snap to boil up some lentils, and even easier if you have leftover rice, as I happened to have tonight. I had to try this recipe once I read that BerrySweet compared it to Amy's Veggie Loaf, of which I am also a HUGE fan. This is very similar in flavour and texture...dare I say maybe a little better? I adjusted the seasoning very slightly with a bit of pepper & garlic. Be sure to chop up the onion really well otherwise you'll be left with half cooked bits in the finished loaf. As per point #6 I added some extra liquid and mashed half of the lentils. I also doubled the recipe...was a bit of a long process mixing it all together, but just have patience, it comes together. Thanks Prose - 10 stars!!

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magpie diner October 23, 2009

Yes! I've been addicted to Amy's Veggie Loaf (in the frozen section) and this is a close approximation of that. The only thing missing is the "gravy" that Amy makes... which seems to be a tomato-based sauce. This takes a little while to prep, but rewards you with a tasty, nutty, veggie-licious loaf! Mine did not have any problems crumbling either (I used waxed paper to really smoosh it into the pan).

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BerrySweet April 06, 2009
Veggie Loaf