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I'm eating away here as I type...couldn't wait to post a review. I think this is a really fab dish Prose, you don't disappoint (as usual). I would never have thought to combine those herbs/spices with anything Asian, so that's a new one on me. The TVP addition is fantastic and no one is the wiser around my house :). It's amazing how far a cup of rice can go, this is a real meal in a bowl, very budget friendly...it's got everything you need. My kids have already asked for seconds. This will make a great potluck dish in future. Thanks Prose! Made for Veg*n Swap Feb10. (ps, I made exactly as written except I didn't use that much oil, maybe 3 tbsp total).

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magpie diner February 23, 2010

YUM! Hubby said that I should make this one again (kudos to you). The only changes I made was to use less oil (accomplished this by cooking the veggies in a nonstick pan), omitted the sage (none in the pantry) and cayenne (hubby not a fan of "heat"), and cut the thyme in half. We drizzled the final product with sesame oil. Next time I will use fresh ginger, some white pepper, top it with scallions and add more sesame oil. Thanks for posting~

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JanuaryBride May 29, 2013

Like the other reviewers, I was sceptical of the seasonings. But it totally worked! I make a lot of fried rice recipes, and this is my new favorite! The family loved it as well!
I followed the recipe exactly, and wouldn't change a thing! I am usually notorious for changing every recipe I get my hands on, but this was perfect!

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alhoone November 14, 2011

I agree with the previous reviewer; this is really something different. I did use the TVP and thought it was a good addition. I added what I thought was less than 1/8 tsp of cayenne, and it really gave it a kick which I liked, but may be too much for some. I did not use mushrooms, and I also left out the sage on principle since I'm not a big fan. This recipe is EXCELLENT. It's really like something you would find at a very fancy restaurant. I also liked the prior reviewer's idea about using it for a pot luck; I could see it really working for that. All in all, a highly recommended quick-to-prepare meal in a bowl good for young and old alike. Enjoy!

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VeganMom_ October 30, 2010
Veggie Fried Rice (Vegan)