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This is a tasty, very different kind of pizza. I used our usual whole-wheat crust and added a little green pepper with the other toppings. I liked it, but felt that the ketchup (which doesn't seem to belong on a pizza) really overpowered the more delicate flavors of basil and pine nuts. Kind of a shame, when basil is so expensive to buy for us. Still a good recipe- thanks for posting!

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White Rose Child September 01, 2008

Right, I didn't even miss the cheese! The best thing about this recipe was that my BF liked it too, and he hates basil:D All ground up in a pesto, and maybe its not being green either, he ate it up. Silly! Instead of mushrooms, which I don't eat, I added olives and artichoke hearts, our favorite pizza toppings. I substituted 3 tablespoons water for 3 of the tablespoons olive oil with no apparent ill effect. Everything else was the same. This was the first time I ever made pizza crust myself! It came out nicely, but next time I'll buy the crust, it's faster for a weekday night:D

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Kumquat the Cat's friend April 01, 2008
Vegetarian/Vegan Pizza (No Cheese)