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This is a crisp, light delicious little roll. I cut down on the oil a little, added a little soy sauce and decided to use cilantro instead of basil since I made a peanut sauce to go with it. I also marinated the tempeh with soy, ginger and spring onion and cooked it first. I just ate a couple and I am totally satisfied.

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jedi master in training December 13, 2003

No cooking required! All you need is a big bowl of hot water to rehydrate the wrappers. I wasn't sure about the Dijon mustard, but it added some spice and piquancy without using fish sauce. I did add a lettuce leaf to each roll. I found that, while I'm sure the prepared rolls won't keep more than a few hours, the filling mixture kept fine in the refrigerator overnight, making it easy to assemble rolls as needed for no-cook, healthy meals on some very hot days.

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Nose July 22, 2005
Vegetarian Summer Roll