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Very bland! I'm a vegetarian since birth, but I couldn't have eaten this as-is. Add more garlic, add more herbs, ground pepper, chilli/chilli sauce - then we're talking. But as is, it doesn't have a lot to offer and if I didn't cook to taste I'd be disappointed. I used dried herbs - if I'd used fresh I'd only be adding at the very end. Texturally, though, it seems like a great alternative to meat and will keep the meat loving husband happy - so a great starting point to more exciting things. Definitely still room to adapt.

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Achelois August 08, 2013

Very good for a change-of-pace spaghetti--this is also great for cleaning out the veggie drawer night spaghetti, as I changed some of the veggies by what was in the vegetable drawer. As I like having lentiles during cold/flu season this was a great way to have them other than our usual soup and also a great way to sneak in some tofu. Thanks for sharing this keeper--I am sure we will be having this again before flu season is over!

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ellie_ January 23, 2006
Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese