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I love this! When in Greece I'll often have the meat version but it crossed my mind that it could easily become veggie and I sought out a veggie recipe. (I am a sucker for lentils). I swapped the aubergine (eggplant) for courgette (zucchini) one time when I was feeding a friend who can't abide aubergine. I use 3 or 4 medium sized onions, diced. I use 2x14oz tins of chopped tomatoes in their juice. I am also able to get spaghetti length macaroni tubes and feel this made for an authentic touch. A greek cypriot friend told me that you should straighten out the long macroni before you lay it in the dish (she doesn't, she admits, and she now uses penne pasta). I have to say that I don't agree with the comment about serving it very hot - it should really sit for at least 20 minutes before serving to have a hope of holding together in a taverna-like slab. Bear in mind, too, that in Greece food is never served very hot (it is considered to be bad for your health, I think). This dish gets even better served on the second day. I try to make sure I have some left to take for lunch to work or to freeze. Thanks for sharing. ps - I've now made this for the third time . . . a true definition of a recipe that is a real "keeper".

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Moyni July 19, 2009

I really liked this dish. It was filling, and although I was skeptical about adding cinnamon, it really tasted great in the end. Next time I'd definitely add more lentils and less pasta though- just a personal preference. Thanks for sharing!

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rpgaymer March 05, 2013

I love Anna Thomas! (Vegetarian Epicure author). Her recipes always turn out beautifully. If you are starting with dry lentils use 3/4 cup (per the cookbook) for the right quantity. Also be sure to under cook the macaroni, as this casserole bakes in the oven for an hour once assembled. I would only cook it 2-3 minutes next time (I did it 4 minutes this time). This recipe makes A LOT of food. It was spilling out of the 13 x 9" dish so I made two casseroles. Next time I will cut this in half. But it will definitely be made again. Thank you [Made for Zaar Cookbook Tag]

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averybird December 18, 2011

This is a delicious recipe, my husband is a reluctant vegetarian and I made this on a Monday and we feasted on it for days. I added some soy protein crumbles and recommend digging out little pockets for the custard. This is a wonderful meal for chilly winter days.

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Courtney817 December 04, 2011

In honour of my son who just announced he is now a vegetarian, I decided to incorporate several meatless meals into my diet. I just finished eating this and oh boy, was it ever good! I made it exactly as written with only one change, I ran out of parmesan cheese for the final layer so I substituted a little motzerella. Two things that make this dish stand out for me is the cinnamon flavour and the custard part. Really gives it a nice texture. (I couldn't find brown lentils so I used green and not being familiar with lentils it seemed to turn out just fine)

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Reggie's Mom April 06, 2010

Fantastically flavoursome! I followed TasteTester's advice and made this two days ago to share with friends for lunch today. None of us are vegetarian but we all agreed that this is arecipe that would appeal to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. So a really useful recipe for when you are serving both! I was tired when I made this, so I followed the recipe exactly! And I'm so glad that I did as I woudn't want to change a thing when making this again. Except for doubling it so that there are more portions to put in the freezer. We enjoyed this with salad greens and crispy rolls and champagne. Thank you, Engrossed, for another superb recipe!

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bluemoon downunder September 28, 2008

Wow! This recipe is a winner. I made it the other day and even our non-vegetarian friends loved it. The lentils give it a sort of "meaty" taste and texture. I would suggest that if making this you prepare it ahead of time, because it does take quite a bit of time to prepare, but it's worth it. And this is one of those recipes that tastes even better the next day! (I had some leftover for lunch.) I tried using a 9x13-inch baking dish as stated, but it was overflowing the dish even before adding the custard. It fit perfectly into a 15x11/2-in dish however. I'm so glad I tried this recipe, Engrossed. It's terrific.

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TasteTester February 17, 2008

Keeper! I didn't expect us to like this nearly as much as we did. I halved the recipe and it still would easily feed 6, I think. My only changes were to used a full cup of lentils for half the recipe and I used 1 t. of oregano and 1/2 t. of cinnamon, neither were overpowering. I had a friend pop in while it was baking and she couldn't get over how good the house smelled. I loved how little cheese was called for and the eggplant cooked down while baking and gave it<br/> a nice cheesy/creamy texture in a way. We didn't even notice the lentils, which wasn't a bad thing. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe, I'll be making it again.

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Lucky in Bayview December 20, 2013

Oh my! This is wonderful! I've never had the "meat" version, but I'm hooked on this version! I'm not a lentil fan, but absolutely love the combination of this recipe!<br/>Made as written, might add more seasoning the next time, as a personal choice. Thank you so much for sharing! Update-forgot to give it stars!

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mtnmel October 01, 2013

We thought this was very good for a Vegetarian meal. thanks for sharing

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Laureen in B.C. September 16, 2013
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