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This paella tastes great! The only thing I would do differently next time is put the green beans in a bit earlier because mine were a bit hard and didn't get cooked properly. Couldn't really tell if the saffron made a difference in the taste because all the other tastes were so strong. If I didn't have any in the house I certainly would not buy any just for this recipe. We will be making this one again :)

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vinita December 30, 2012

It is my understanding from tv chefs that Saffron does not provide taste; it only provides color. I would use the saffron rice.

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brgo January 10, 2012

I was so excited to be shopping for this recipe because I love paella and I was so happy to find a vegetarian version! But my excitement came to a screeching halt at the spice aisle! I couldn't justify $20 for a spice for which I only needed 1/16 teaspoon... (And you don't get a jar full - you get an envelope of saffron which is wedged into the jar and frankly, the envelope appeared pretty empty. What is this stuff - gold dust?). Sadly, I deduced that this would most likely be the KEY ingredient in this recipe. I perked up at the rice aisle where I found yellow saffron rice and I used that instead of the other rice. I have no idea what 1/16 tsp of saffron would have done but dinner turned out delicious afterall! (And now I'm wondering what it would take to grow and resale saffron...?) Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Mrs Majors June 04, 2007

This was easy to make and very good on a cold evening. I did end up cooking it an extra 5 minutes at the end to make sure the rice was completely finished. Next time I will follow some other reviewers' advice and add some extra seasonings.

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margiecohen January 27, 2013

Outstanding! Creamy and delicious! I used edamame in place of green beans and did not have mushrooms, so didn't use them, but we do love them and next time I will put them in. This dish has great flavor!

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mandagirl January 27, 2010

I thought this was amazing! Since I like extra spice/herb, I added extra garlic, 2 tsp pasta sprinkle, some rosemary, and white pepper Sub: chicken with veg stock and added some grilled chicken on top.

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Cook Tara K. January 25, 2010

Wow, to say that this makes a lot of food is quite an understatement! Good thing it is yummy, slightly addictive stuff :). I didn't have a problem with too little broth, though I will say that it took a bit longer than written to get all of the rice cooked. I think the quality of broth is key here--a less flavorful broth would probably yield a blander dish. Based on other reviews I did double the garlic, and I added several healthy shakes of cumin and a shake or two of cayenne. This recipe is forgiving as far as which veggies you use; I added some okra that needed to be used, and I have to say it fit in just fine! DH and I agree that next time we will increase the other veggies and omit the eggplant out of personal taste, not a recipe flaw. Thanks for posting. This was a great way to use the beautiful veggies I bought at the farmer's market this week!

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smellyvegetarian July 07, 2008

not bad, but.. i don't really like it - a little bit too bland to my taste. :)

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j.sugiarto November 07, 2007

This was great and it made my tummy happy! The only changes I made were that I sauteed in 1 T olive oil and used more green beans and mushrooms (because my garbanzos and tomatoes were short of 19 oz). Oh, and I used regular white rice because I had just bought a 10 lb bag of it. :) Next time I'll add more spices (definitely more garlic and pepper, a little rosemary).

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The Pixelated Vegetarian August 22, 2007

I had a big problem with this recipe, as a paella newbie, the solution to which were later explained to me by DBF. After I had finished cooking of course. So I am here to pass along his knowledge to others who may not have made a paella before. As I understand it, the wide surface area of the frying pan is essential to getting the proper consistency. My frying pan wasn't big enough so I tried to make it in a stockpot. Needless to say, for those who have experience with paella, that didn't work out. My batch ended up, in DBF's words, "gloopy". Not enough of the liquid had been evaporated/absorbed, so the dish ended up being around the consistency of a thick risotto. I may try this again, adjusting the measurements to fit in my skillet, but I definitely won't be using the stockpot for another paella!

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ksduffster May 15, 2007
Vegetarian Paella