Vegetarian Osvo (Osh-Sevo)--Bochari Rice Cholent

Total Time
16hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 16 hrs

It sounds crazy, I know--putting fruit and tomatoes in a rice dish that cooks overnight in a crockpot. But all the ingredients blend together into a sweet, savory, sticky rice cholent that is just delicious. Bocharim know rice, and they know how to cook!


  1. Cover the bottom of the cholent pot with oil & heat.
  2. Add tomatoes, then apple, then apricots, then plums, then dates.
  3. Cover the pot and leave it covered. Let the juices dry up and then add the rice, tomato paste, and enough water to cover everything with 1cm to spare.
  4. Cover the pot with a dish towel and then with a lid, and simmer until the water dries up.
  5. Seal the pot well by covering it with aluminum foil, and put on the hot plate right before Shabbat. Eat the following morning for Shabbat brunch.
  6. PS: the bottom of the pot will have rice that has burnt into a caramelized delicious goo. This is called "tadigi" and is usually the best part!