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This is wonderful! Really is comfort food, and is a great pot pie. I didn't miss the chicken at all. I subbed chickpeas for the tofu, and made it into a pie with a home made top and bottom crust. Other than that, I followed it as written. The flavor is superb, and the texture is perfect. Another bonus is that you don't have to deal with cooking the chicken, which is a major pain in the other recipe I was using. I see no reason to ever go back to it! Five stars!

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Wistaria May 06, 2008

OMG! I made this tonight. I was craving my Grandmother's Chicken Pot Pie but I'm a vegetarian now. I made it following this recipe only using biscuits instead of a pie crust because I had them on hand. This was INCREDIBLY Delicious. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Dutchess3 October 03, 2009

I really wanted the taste of a pot pie last night, but I'm vegetarian so I made this. It turned out amazing! However, I did have to make several substitutions based on what I had on hand, not because I didn't trust this recipe. First, I used poultry seasoning instead of the thyme. Since it contains mostly thyme, it worked very well but I enjoyed the other flavors it brought to the table. I did not have half and half, so I just increased the broth and thickened it with a flour/broth mixture. I used fresh potato, onion, and celery but went with a bag of frozen mixed veggies (green beans, peas, limas, corn, and carrots) for the rest. This proved to be a great time saver. Finally, I used puff pastry instead of pie crusts for the top.

I ended up making 3 individual pot pies in small ramikins to freeze for later, and put the rest into a pie pan. I will definitely make this again! Thanks for sharing this.

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Dingo888 March 12, 2013

Loved this! I added some frozen green beans and used a single puff pastry to top . Perfect for a cold winter night. Thanks for posting the recipe. I'll be making this again!

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Lucky in Bayview January 15, 2014
Vegetarian "no Chicken" Pot Pie