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If you want a great rice dish (a meal in itself) this is it. Wonderful for a lucheon or for dinner. I have had Nasi Goreng many times, usually with ham etc but with this recipe you do not even miss it. The garnish is beautiful and like Sharon said it adds to the variety of flavors. Don't change a thing. This recipe is great just the way it is Thanks Sharon for a dish that will grace my table many times

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Bergy November 08, 2002

Thank you(ENDLESS times) for posting this marvellous recipe. I made this for lunch this afternoon and it was a HIT! I halved the recipe as there were just 4 of us to eat. I didn't have hot red pepper flakes and had to omit that. I used just 1/2 a tbsp. of soy sauce and 1/2 a tbsp. of 'light' brown sugar as I use light brown sugar most often in recipes that call for brown sugar(I have yet to find dark brown sugar in Oman). I used about 1 1/4 tsps. of salt for 1 cup of rice and the veggies, in toto. In the garnish, I had to leave out the cucumber and red peppers as those were not on hand. It was a great lunch! Thank U! This is a meal all by itself and a memorable one. THANKS A THOUSAND TIMES FOR THIS!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 28, 2002

I have to agree with everyone, this recipe is delicious! I used brown rice, and onion instead of shallots (I don't even know what a shallot looks like:^) LOVE all the different spices and flavors. Makes a wonderful, savory dish. I actually liked it without the garnishes, too. Thankyou for a yummy dish that's a little different from the rest!!!

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yogi February 13, 2003

This is a beautiful dish, in addition to being delicious. I served it in a big blue bowl, with the red tomatoes and yellow egg strips on top over the brown and green veggies. What a treat! I didn't have pepper or cucumber, so I left them out, ran out of brown sugar, used white, and I FORGOT to add the ginger, after grating it up and putting it in a little bowl by the stove. Arghh! Can you imagine how outstanding this would have been if I had remembered the ginger? This is all veggie, so it would be good for Lent 0 except it is so delicious, I would feel like I was celebrating (like having lobster on Friday because you can't eat meat! LOL!!) Charishma was smart to halve this, because it makes a lot - and there are only three of us. Thanks a lot!!

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Sudie January 10, 2003

i used this as a rough outline, combined with other nasi goreng recipes since none of them are the one i remember my dutch grandmother bringing back from her travels in Indonesia. she used to do it with a main bowl of spiced fried rice in the center of the table and many bowls around it of egg, shredded beef, vegetables, and a peanut sauce. i added a pkg of shredded veggie beef strips and had to sub out some stuff due to what was in the house: the shallots became a red onion, garlic and ginger were powdered form, red pepper flakes became cyan, i threw the celery in with the other veggies to cook, added a couple of mushrooms, and i had no red pepper, tamarind or tumeric so i left them out. this isn't exactly what i dimly remember from my childhood but it's probably more authentic and it's very tasty. kinda like a curry-asian stirfry fusion. the fresh cucumber and tomato really makes the dish even though it sounds odd to our western pallets

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spiritussancto September 03, 2010

It was very good! I think I'll leave out the tamarind paste next time though.

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NoName12345 November 07, 2009

This is a really fantastic dish,we absolutely loved it.It's so much simpler than I thought it would be,and didn't include anything that I don't normally have in the house.I can't wait to cook it for my mum who grew up in Malaysia,and get her opinion. Thanks Sharon x.Made for PhotoTag.

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Noo October 15, 2008

Eventhough this dish is familiar to my heritage (Malaysia), I've never thought of making this. I was surprised to know some Japanese restaurants carry this in their menu (I'm currently living in Japa)so this morning I made it for my friends in church and they really liked it. I followed all the instructions except I cook the rice in a rice cooker; skipping the draining, rinsing part and added the tamarind paste directly to the rice. At this time, I have already unplugged. It worked well and since shallots are not readily available, I use yellow onion (1/2)instead and spiced up the pepper flakes to 1/2 tsp. Thank you. Schin

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scleon90 June 24, 2006

We liked this recipe very much. As others have said, the garnishes are what makes the dish. It was very light and flavorful. We thought the amount of tamarind was good, no changes needed. Suggest following with a sorbet for dessert.

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HealthyVeg April 05, 2005

This was really a delicious and beautiful dish. I used red cabbage, so I had a gorgeous rainbow of foods- purple cabbage, brown rice, yellow omlette strips, red tomatoes and peppers and green celery and cucumbers. I left out the tomatoes in the garnish because I don't like raw tomatoes. I agree with the other reviewers- the garnish makes the dish. The salty tangy dish is wonderful topped with the cool and crisp veggies. I substituted the soy sauce and sugar with Silent Cricket's Ketjap Manis (#39318), which is a sweet Indonesian soy sauce, which worked well. Now my problem with this recipe- the tamarind paste was just too strong. I used 2 Tbs as the recipe calls for and it overpowered the other flavors of the dish. Other than that, it was great, but next time I would probably half the tamarind paste. Thanks for posting, Sharon! We enjoyed it.

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Roosie July 16, 2004
Vegetarian Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)