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  1. Saute small onions and 4-5 mushrooms and 1 clove garlic in butter (or just heat up some butter if you want it plain.. I like onions)
  2. When they soft, add about 2 Tbsp flour and mix it around until it is absorbed.
  3. Pour on 1-1.5 cups vegetable broth and stir.
  4. When that starts to warm up, pour a cup or less of cream or milk in and stir.
  5. Let boil stirring a lot in the beginning to keep it from lumping.
  6. and voila! The amount of flour is kinda if-y.
  7. I like it thick, and usually end up adding more flour later on in the process to make it thicker.


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fantastic recipe! I've made additions according to my own personal taste but it works as a great basis. I put in a lot more flour which helps it thicken up quicker. I use the ratio of 2 cups milk (broth added) to 1/4 c flour. I also threw in a few morningstar farms fake sausage patties and chopped them up. The last ingredient I can't stress enough: Sage, about 2 tablespoons full. I wouldn't make it any other way.

OwlMonkey March 28, 2010

I changed this u a little bit! I used an onion, clove of garlic, couple tablespoons of flour, a boulion cube, and water...this was great! I used it over stuffing for the holiday :) Thanks

Carrie Bogart December 25, 2009

I'm a new vegetarian (after a long medical fast--I think I've learned my lesson) so I'm experimenting with a lot of vegetarian alternatives of my favorite meat dishes. This gravy tastes better a couple of hours after cooking. I used some Lipton Onion Soup Mix instead of a small onion (use in moderation). I also used lots of sliced up button mushrooms. Don't be surprised if it doesn't taste as "comforting" as a regular gravy since you're using vegetable broth. You might want to use cornstarch instead of flour if you want your gravy thick but don't want to put lots of flour in it. All in all, a good gravy! Thanks Tonkcats for the great recipe!

Arashijing August 15, 2008

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