Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole

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Total Time
7hrs 20mins
20 mins
7 hrs

A southwestern modeled breakfast casserole. Inexpensive and simple to throw together the night before as well as extremely guilt free. Makes a great entree for any course of the day and is easy to add extra flavor to.

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  1. Grease inside of crock pot or baking dish.
  2. Layer ingredients: meat, onions, squash, carrots, peppers, chilies, and cheese.
  3. Repeat till all ingredients are used.
  4. Pour water over layers.
  5. Mix eggs in separate bowl till combined and pour slowly over mixture.
  6. Cover and cook low for 7-8 hours.
  7. (To add more flavor and spice, serve with Salsa or Hot sauce and top with sour cream).