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Outstanding recipe! This is so easy to make. Don't worry about the measurements, Ricky, it seemed just right to me! I didn't have any broccoli around so substituted spinach instead - good stuff. I didn't cook my lasagna noodles beforehand, just layered them dry in the pan. After 30 minutes they were tender and soft. The sauce did the cooking for me! Love this sauce and the flavor, I may try tossing it into fettucine noodles sometime to create a primavera. This is wonderful and I'm glad that I tried this - at first I was a bit reluctant because it seemed that so many different distinct flavors go into this - I was afraid the blue cheese and pesto wouldn't be a good combo but WOW- every single flavor in this dish works together EXCELLENTLY. Simply fantastic. I can see why this brings the house down.

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Shannon Cooks May 05, 2007

This is a fantastic Veggy lasagna. I made pretty close to the recipe. Added extra blue cheese and cheddar. The recipe didn't say if the olives were green or black, so I used both. Being in North America, I too didn't know that a cougette was a zucchini. Do now thanks to you! I know the leftover are going to be super tomarrow.

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j_manna66 September 05, 2009

I really enjoyed this. I also used spinach instead of broccoli, and forgot the green pepper but used the red. I used extra blue cheese as well as extra cheddar, and once I figured out what a courgette was (zucchini according to the dictionary) all was well. Everything else was per the recipe except I cheated, for the sake of time, and used the no boil lasagna noodles. I just covered it with tinfoil and cooked it longer, about 45 minutes. Then I uncovered it, added a little more cheddar and let it melt. It was delicious. Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow!

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foodgoblin July 11, 2008

Outstanding recipe. My husband loves anything with blue cheese. I was blown away by the flavor. I do not like capers so I rplaced them with artichoke hearts that I chopped up. I love it!!!!

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amie atwood October 16, 2006
Vegetarian-Blue Cheese-Pesto-Lasagna!