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Very tasty. The peanut butter makes this rich but it's not overly done. I added one small sweet potato and some cilantro after reading the reviews (plus I just happened to have them on hand). I served this with a side of roasted cauliflower. Made for the Jan 09 veggie swap.

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VegSocialWorker January 13, 2009

this was very good, I used regular milk in place of the soymilk and used homemade chicken broth in place of the veggie broth, I also added in some cayenne pepper, next time I will add in some different veggies, thanks for sharing Syd!

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Kittencal@recipezazz October 08, 2008

You've got a winner here Sydney Mike! I love love love this soup! It was easy to make, although it has a very complex taste. I used lite coconut milk in place of the soymilk and cut the peanut butter back to 1/2c to cut a few calories, if you aren't watching calories I'd say go all the way with the pb! I added the flour/water combo at the end, but probably wouldn't bother to add it the next time. I did add the hot sauce and very much enjoyed the end result. Made for Holiday tag.

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Brooke the Cook in WI September 20, 2008

Absolutely delicious! I had to make several changes due to health problems and a finicky husband. (1) I used 4 tsp. no-salt chicken stock powder instead of vegetable broth. Naturally, 4 c. of water with that. (2) I used 6 oz. tomato paste instead of diced tomatoes due to a no-seeds restriction, along with one additional cup of water. (3) I minced about 15 baby carrots. He won't eat diced. (4) I used 2 percent milk, and will try evaporated nonfat milk next time for more creaminess. (5) I used cayenne pepper for heat. (6) I used the optional flour trick. It was *so* good! Picky husband went back for huge seconds! Thank you so much! I have been wanting to make this for decades, didn't want to use chicken meat, and this was really, really good. P.S. Mine looked thicker than the one in the picture.

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Debbie R. September 07, 2008

This soup turned out interesting to us, though it's our fault! DH added a bunch of vanilla flavoring and honey to our soymilk this morning when he had breakfast today without telling me. So when I added the soymilk to the soup it turned out a little different than it should've. We thought it was a great soup despite the strong vanilla flavor and since it was that flavor that was the only thing keeping this from being 5 stars I added the fifth star because I'm sure it would've measured up to that had we not made the mistake! Thanks Syd! Made for ZWT4 - Los Jefes de la Cocina!

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Enjolinfam June 24, 2008

Haven't been cooking with peanut butter until just recently - now I wonder what took me so long! Liked the vegetable broth base for this soup and was genereous with the veggies - a delicious supper soup. Loved the dash of hot sauce!

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Gerry June 23, 2008

Very easy to make and it's a great combination of ingredients. I made this with skim milk instead of soy and added the optional hot sauce. I still thought it was rather bland. I would love to make this again and use coconut milk for the soymilk and add lots of chopped fresh cilantro. Maybe even a diced yam. That sounds awesome. Thanx for sharing this!

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*Parsley* June 21, 2008
Vegetarian African Peanut Soup